About McSwarley

McSwarley is a spin on the name of the great Marty McSorley. "Swarley" comes from a TV show called How I Met Your Mother. Just don't take anything here seriously. I am not a professional writer or journalist or humorist. My day job doesn't really involve the written word. I might have undiagnosed ADD, too.

I am a born and raised Southern Californian. I grew up watching Luc Robitaille. For me, Luc is hockey. I have a love/hate relationship with Wayne Gretzky. Mostly hate these days. I also grew up in a city that had no ice rinks or roller rinks. I think the Mason lodge used to be a roller rink... I live in the City of Los Angeles (proper) now.

P.S. This site has no connection to the NHL, Marty McSorley, The Los Angeles Kings, AEG, or any of that other good stuff. All text, videos, and images are copyright their respective owners.