Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Swarles' list of things to do during the off season

You can see the play forming in his head.

  • Play armchair GM on message boards
  • Discuss how long it will take the Dallas Stars to implode
  • Try to find the world's weirdest Wikipedia entry
  • Find yet another social networking site to join
  • Get bored with another social networking site
  • Sign up for dental insurance
  • Browse eBay for licensed merchandise
  • Draft a farewell letter to Alex Frolov/Jack Johnson/John Zeiler — please, please be Zeiler
  • Watch "classic" games on Fox Sports Prime Ticket on Tuesday nights
  • Go to a Twitter party — what is the world coming to?
  • Catch up on episodes of Law & Order
  • Is it Christmas?
  • How about the weather?
  • Learn how to open a coconut
  • Browse hockey-related movies on Netflix
  • Eat your own weight in tacos and sleep until September 26th
  • Research moving to Canada
  • Realise moving to Canada is a lot easier said than done
  • Pretend to care about baseball or one of those other sports
  • Steal all the Lakers flags you can and sew them into blankets to give to the homeless (McSwarley cares)
  • Do one of those tourist things like see a live taping
  • Make your own gin
  • Look at pictures of stupid sexy Bernier
  • Sign a petition to get recognition for someone who actually played inside the Staples Center

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