Friday, August 13, 2010

Filler Friday: Search Terms

Search terms are those nifty words people type into search engines (yes, I remember a day when Google didn't exist). My trackers collect these things for me like tiny trained monkeys. These are only some of them…

alexander frolov and stds mention STDs once and it all goes to hell.
jason allison ex-wife name: Jason Allison was married?
Drew Doughty STD: See above.

Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me… wait, what?

curling pants ...are amazing?
wanted dead or alive word templates: Nope. Nothing that useful here.
creepy sidney crosby: Yeah... he kinda is when he tries to grow facial hair.
is brad richardson missing teeth? Why are people always asking me these things?
when you hate both teams: and watch anyways, because, well, it's hockey, and it's on TV.
what is matt greene wearting(sic)? Awesome incarnate.
murray parros: I don't know which is better: Grey-haired George Parros coaching or Terry Murray with that porn 'stache?
jarret stoll sharkeez: I'm pretty sure I started this trend. I have never seen Jarret Stoll in Sharkeez because that would require setting foot in a Sharkeez.
non sensical explanation: My specialty.
los angeles kings resign frolove (sic): No. No they did not.
shit hawks swooping line: The wisdom of Mr. Leahy.
teddy purcell drunk: I actually do have photos of this.
gema estevez zeiler: I have no idea.

Disclaimer: Besides a couple of poor bastards I went to college with, I have no idea who has herpes or HPV.

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