Friday, April 16, 2010

Filler Friday: Salute to dudes who take hits to the face

Hockey players, for all the crazy ass puck bunnies that seem to be plaguing the collective existence of people who actually know the definition of "off-sides," aren't really known for their good looks. They're often missing teeth before the age of 20, and take pucks, fists, sticks, and panes of glass to the face. They're so used to this that they often get stitched up on the bench without even a swig of Canadian whiskey.

Matt Green v. frozen piece of rubber

Oh yeah, the Kings won that game against the Canucks. Thanks in part to Matt Greene's face.

"Uh, Matt, there's blood coming out of your face."
"I know. Good game."

Ian Laperriere takes a puck to the face courtesy of Jason Jason Pominville

Brad Richardson, welcome to the club.

But don't be a little bitch about it...

"He hit my ear!"

(yeah, the real thing isn't on Youtube)

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