Sunday, April 18, 2010

Game 2 in Review

What's better than watching Luongo give one up to Anze Koptar?
Watching Luongo give up the game winner to Anze Kopitar.

Here's one of the silly things I love about the Kings playing the Canucks: no change in time zone. Otherwise I think my boss would notice when I need to leave at 4:30 every other day. Unlike the Olympics, we aren't getting a three hour tape delay here in the States. At least not yet. I'm looking at you, NBC.

The only predictions of the Kings-Canucks series that don't say this is going to be a seven game series are from people in the eastern timezone, most likely Canadian, who haven't watched more than maybe four Kings games in the past year. The verdict seems to be split down the down middle Kings in 7 or Canucks in 7.

The Kings aren't the only untested team in the playoffs. The Phoenix Coyotes haven't been in the playoffs since 2002, either. The Red Wings are no longer relying on Chris Osgood, in favor of Jimmy Howard, who has played a total of 9 NHL games before this season. Craig Anderson has played in more NHL games, but has never seen the playoffs, either.

So I was willing to go to a viewing party because I had a gut feeling that Kings could and would tie it up last night. Normally I won't go to viewing parties because of the sadness drinking that follows a loss. Lots and lots of sadness drinking. If I die of liver failure, blame the Kings.

Last night was the first playoff...
...assists for the promised one Drew Doughty and Jack Johnson.
...goal for Wayne Simmonds.
...goal for Anze Kopitar. Game winner in overtime. for Jonathan Quick.

Anze Kopitar can't hear you over the sound of his own awesomeness.

Thursday was the first playoff...
...assists for Dustin Brown and Alexander Frolov. Frolov has played 536 NHL games and never seen the playoffs. Brown in a close second with 431 games.
...assist for Anze Kopitar who has played 318 games.

Your moment of zen...


Dio said...

Great Kopi screencap. Yeehaw!

I hum the HNIC theme song when it comes on anyway. Force of habit.

McSwarley said...

Dio: Any relation to holy diver?

Dio said...

Alas, I do not shred. I wish.

McSwarley said...

It's never too late to start.