Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Draft Day in LA... and stuff.

Your poster boys: Jack Johnson and [probably?] Tim Thomas.

Great. As if those nightmares I used to have about Kingston weren't enough, we can terrify a whole new generation of children.


In case you didn't know, no event at LA Live is complete without douchebags.

It kind of like watching the stock exchange... except they're exchanging people!

These people got lost on their way to prom.

Even with the special podium, the photographer is using the old shooting from below trick.

...but the worst part was when they cut off the liquor and beer sales.

The video department was hard at work removing the logo from the third jersey footage to make this seem more neutral:


caywow said...

Hold up... is there supposed to be something after that last colon? I'm just getting a big blank space.

McSwarley said...

Should be fixed now. Blogger does that to Youtube sometimes. Funny how they're both owned by Google.

caywow said...

Ah, there we go. Now they're playing nicely together.